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Stage 1: Radiator Install

I have identified the wasted space in the top of the case as the best place to install the radiator. To do this we drilled 4 large holes in the roof panel at the corners where the radiator is to be installed. A metal cutting jigsaw was used to make the straight cuts in between the holes. The screw holes were cut with a smaller drill bit and grommet strip used to make the cut tidy. The radiator is then screwed to the roof suspending it over the inside of the case.

Stage 2: Radiator fan install

With the radiator secured to the roof it can then be flipped over to allow the install of the fans. These are screwed to the radiator with M3 x 35 screws. The Fans power has been grouped in to 3 rows for connection to a fan controller.

Stage 3: Cutting mother board plate

Cutting the rest of the case to accommodate the radiator and fans proved more difficult. The over lapping layers of steel and unhelpful angles ruled out the jigsaw. In the end settling on an angle grinder the cutting was fairly simple. The application of a grommet strip to the freshly cut steel made it cleaner.

Stage 4: Drive bay install

Next we installed the drive caddies. I chose two Jou-Jye ST-3051SS 5.25" (3 Bay). This will allow me to install a minimum of ten drives. These bays also have built in self powered fans so they will take care of there own cooling needs. Above these goes the fan controller a Scythe Kaze Server 5.25inch. This comes complete with 4 temperature sensors.


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